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Our products are made with only natural products. We add no synthetic or artificial flavors!
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Our CBD is lab tested by a third party to ensure quality. We strive to make our product the best.
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All the benefits of Cannabis, without the high.

When CBD is extracted from legally grown hemp, it’s legal in all 50 states. CBD oil has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and inflammation.

CBD is a chemical compound in marijuana and hemp plants. This is what gives marijuana its medical benefits.

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Got it the day I ordered it Thank You! I was skeptical but I did my homework this is a great product! Pleased with produce! But next time I will order a flavored one!

Tim Almond

BluetreeCBD is the best CBD company I have ever discovered. I used to order from CW Hemp, one of the industry leaders, but the price was just too much. Plus, they do not offer the easy dosing chart that Bluetree does. I am now a Bluetree gal and I am never going to order from anyone else!

Donna Parivian

This has helped my husband and I with different types of pain. I wake up in such a good mood. The first day of my cycle is the worst. I took it and pain gone all day. Had a migraine today. Took a full drop, went to sleep and I feel amazing. No druggy hangover, just better.

Mary K.

Would recommend to anyone looking for an alternative with medicine.

Jerry Welch

Haven’t been using it long enough to see sustained results, but so far it seems to work wonderfully. Tastes just like the plant, and my dog’s hip dysplasia doesn’t seem to bother her as much during our walks since adding it to her food.

Garry Norton

CBD Hemp Oil has been a blessing to me. I have Tremors, and I have pain problems with my spine. This product helps both of those things. I am really happy with the product. By keeping the oil chilled, the taste is not a problem.

Wanda C.B.

I never thought I would have the eyebrows that I have before this oil. I used it for everything, for my shakes and salads, well anything that needs oil. Although I haven’t cooked with it. I would use it to remove makeup, suddenly I noticed my eyebrows thick and bunch of new hair everywhere. So, I decided to try it for my scalp massage and woooohoooo, my hair is growing! I keep reordering.

Anna Raval

This product is an excellent product. It works! Ive been a nurse for many years. I have given to many hard working men who now also use this product. From sore muscles to arthritis- they all tell me it works! I use it for sore muscles. Will continue to use for many years to come. Thank you.

Tim M.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil .. 5 Stars All natural and have been using it for a month and this is for sure what happened . Lowered my blood pressure to normal numbers – calmed me down – very little anxiety – and sleep like a rock . Taking 5 drops twice a day 750mgs and feel great . Will definitely order it again .


Your product and prompt service are appreciated. The peppermint terpene is quite refreshing and oil helping with my health issues – pain and mental. Thanks Blue Tree.

Mark Sullivan

My Husband has a lot of pain waiting for surgery on his shoulder. He screams in pain every night while trying to sleep. After taking this the first night, no screaming in pain. He did sleep a lot better. So far, he loves this product I will update my review after a few more days..

Carla Ruenna

This has helped my husband and I with different types of pain. I wake up in such a good mood. The first day of my cycle is the worst. I took it and pain gone all day. Had a migraine today. Took a full drop, went to sleep and I feel amazing. No druggy hangover, just better.

Ann S.

Bought this for a friend birthday with diabetic neuropathy and joint pain. He absolutely loves it. He said it really helps his pain and has been able to get off some of his daily pain meds!


Jarry Warner
My friend and I both used this and we both saw improvements in our anxiety and body aches/pains. Have been taking as directed and can definitely see results. It doesn’t rid me of my chronic headaches, but definitely dulls the pain to make them a bit more tolerable. Helps mellow my friend out with her anxiety too. Worth the buy, in my opinion.
Dondi LaRae

I really like Blue Tree CBD oil for pain relief. I have Fibromyalgia and I’m constantly looking for pain relief alternatives and I have tried a couple different CBD oils, my favorite part about this one is the peppermint taste. The peppermint also help with my heartburn.

Mary P.

This product works great for pain and inflammation. Even with the winter cold and dampness, I feel so much better while taking this oil.

Joerg Fischer


This product works well for my back pain/inflammation. I’m also having my husband use it to help lower his blood pressure/anxiety. I’ve used a couple of different products and I like the taste of this product the best. The value/cost is better than most sellers. I’ll buy again.

Danna W.